Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting closer

So we are now down to about a month and a half before John leaves for basic. I'm not nervous for him, but excited. I know this is what he truly wants to do and look forward to all the opporunties that are about to come our way.

I started my Masters eight weeks ago and only have one more left. Hard to believe that my first class is almost complete. I know the time he is gone will pass by and before we know it we will be stationed and starting our new life together.

I think about where we will be and what we will be doing this time next year. We will have our own home and hopefully planning an adventure. Although, I have already been told there is a good chance he will deploy. As an officer it was suggested to him that he may want to volunteer for deployment. This will give him a chance to learn and learn to listen to others about decisions. This will make him a better officer.

With all this change I have been looking into starting my own event planning business. I tend to be a very organized person and loved planning my wedding. I always want to help others plan their events as well. More to come on this later once I put together more of a plan.

Have a great day!

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