Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Deployment? So Soon?

So for those who may be starting to follow my blog, my husband is currently in BOLC at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio. He left for basic this past April, which was quickly followed by Officer Candidate School and now here. Once he finishes BOLC, just in time for the holidays, we will head home, pack and head to Ft. Drum, New York.

I moved to San Antonio, even though he is TDY. I love here and from what John has been told there is a good chance we will eventually be stationed here. I have family here as well, so that has helped fill a few days and weekends spending time with them. My aunt's birthday is Friday, my younger cousin just turn 6 last week, and my another cousin is in middle school playing volleyball. For just a few short weeks I get to be part of their lives. I'm really thankful I moved here even if it is only 10 weeks.

We have also been fortunate that he hasn't had to stay at his hotel every night so he comes home when he gets released early in the evenings. I LOVE IT!

Now back to what this is really about.

John called on a break yesterday. He met a classmate going to Ft. Drum with us and he has already been talking with some of the guys from post there. Both he and John will be in the same unit and currently their unit is deployed. So what does this mean for us? There is a good chance that when we get to Drum at the of December, he will start training and deploy with the unit.

In less than a year we have gone through all the training and a possible deployment. I can't believe it happens this quickly. However, the good part of all this is that the unit in on the end of their deployment and will be back in April. A short deployment is better than a long one.  Plus, he shouldn't deploy again for another year or so. Let's hope.

When we found out that this would be a short move we weren't sure if I would make the move or not. Everything changed so quickly for us that we had only a week to make the choice. I had already quit work and had planned to move anyway. I also wondered how long it would be before John deployed and would I regret not having this time with him. So things are just meant to be.

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