Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Compromise

There are things that I know will come with being an Army wife, or a military wife for that matter, that I will simply have to pass or give up.

Back in July John and I had made the decision for my to go ahead and quit my job and I would make the move to BOLC. This was partly based on thinking all BOLCs were backed up, but more importantly we wanted to be back together again.

So Med Services came along, there wasn't a wait for BOLC, and turns out it was a short trip. Obviously we made the decision for me to move to San Antonio despite the short time and it is well worth it.

Part of me feels like I really needed to make the move because I had already given up my life back home. I wasn't at a job that I could have just given two weeks notice. (I could have but it wouldn't have ben fair) But as a military wife we change our lives sometimes not thinking things might go one way when another curve ball is thrown at us.

I can see how it can be easy to look back and say, but I gave up this and I gave up that because this or that was supposed to be happen. We need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I'm fine with the fact I quit my job and moved, even if for only 10 weeks. I am back with my husband for the first time in five months and I wouldn't trade that for anything. It might mean giving up a dream job or putting off school to relocate for a short time, but in the end being a family again means more than anything else in the world.

Again, I am new at this so the choices we have made are nothing compared to what is coming our way. What are some difficult choices you have had to make and how did you handle them?


Tasha Hicks said...

For me I feel like my schooling suffers. I want to go into nursing and thep program at my school, but there are about 3-4 semesters worth of pre-recs I have to. Thean I have to apply tothe program and hope I have enough points to get in all the while hoping I don't PCS with in that time or if I get in I hope we don't PCS while I'm in the program.

C said...

In my time in the army, I've never had a truly hard decision. Family comes first and that is what makes me happy. No job, schooling, or anything else has ever remotely swayed me from that path.

My hard decision is coming now that hubby and I are considering getting out of the army.

I have a great job. I could support our family on it. But he will be stationed in a different state for the last year of his service. And he is currently deployed, so it would be a total of a 2 year separation in the end.

Everything in me says to move to be close to him to keep our family together. But long term, it might make more sense for us to figure out a way to just make it work for another year.

Which sacrifice do we make? Another year apart? Or the uncertainty of if I'll find a job in our new home?