Monday, July 12, 2010

A Little Bit of This & That...

So sorry! I got home last Monday from GA and left this past Friday for Charlotte. I am finally home and not going anywhere until August when I am headed back to GA.

First piece of good news....I AM MOVING AFTER OCS! We finally decided that I am moving once OCS if complete. We don't care if we have to pay for the move we just want to be together. I put in my notice at work so things are coming together.

Ft. Benning is really nice. The area around it is ok and most places to eat are at least 15 minutes away, but not too bad. The Infantry Museum is a must see for anyone who goes down that way. Sadly I know my way around post better than John.

There were two bad parts to my week: 1) it took 8 hours to process all the OCS people Thursday; 2) John had duty from 4-8 am Saturday morning.

We are in week two of OCS. So far, so good for us, but John said they have already lost about 15 people just in the first week. I am still nervous that something will happen and he will have to be recycled, but everything happens for a reason. I can't stress about it.

Branch day is in a month. This is the day we will find out what job John will have with the Army and where we will go for training. I've heard it is boring, but I want as much time with him as possible. This is going to be a big day for him and if he wants me there I want to be there.

John's Top Three Job Choices:
1) Medical Services - Ft. Sam Huston, TX
2) Chemical - Ft. Leonardwood, MI
3) Air Defense - Ft. Seal, OK

Medical Services opens a slot for you if they feel you are qualified so we basically have to plan as if he will get his number two choice. There are a few prior service people that have joined his company at OCS that want Medical Service and It doesn't really matter to me what he gets as long as he is happy with what he is given. I know that the job he is given, he will be given for a reason.

He made me really happy the other night. While texting he told me joining the Army was the second best thing he has every done. That made me feel really good. His happiness is all that matters to me.

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I promise pics to come soon!


Army Wife said...

I'm so happy you had a good time! Ft. Benning IS a really nice post.

Warning: Most other posts are NOT this nice.

Granted my husband and I have only spent alot of time on Ft. Benning and Ft. Leonard Wood. And Ft. LW is a real dump compared to Ft. Benning.

Which is why I really hope your husband gets medical services. I've never been to Ft. Sam, but it's gotta be nicer than Ft. LW.

Granted, we were only at Ft. LW for 3 months. The only GOOD thing about Ft. LW is that you are there with many people of the same rank so you have alot of people to hang out with (yes the old adage that you socialize within your rank is generally true, especially of officers). We had poker night every Friday which are some of my fondest memories of the army so far.

But as a person hoping to work, it's too far from a large city to find work (2 hours to St. Louis and 1.5 hours to Springfield).

I'm so excited for you that you've come to a final decision on moving. People always ask "how can you do it?" in reference to moving around all the time without "putting down roots". I always want to respond with "how could I not? Home is where he is."

militarywife said...

Home is something I have come to find out. I used to get so mad that we hadn't bought a house yet, but now it doesn't matter because home is where we are together. He realized that long before I did, however.

The question I get is where are you going? Of course we don't know right now but it doesn't bother me. I'm just excited to be with him again.