Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Perfect Weekend!

I had the perfect weekend with John. Even though his Basic Graduation wasn't a big deal to him, I am still proud of him. He was so handsome in his Class B and ACUs.

We did get Thursday night through yesterday morning together. The OCS guys were processed in Thursday, which took FOREVER! It took about seven hours to process everyone through, so we lost pretty much the whole day. I can't wait to go back down. Only about another month to go.

He had his first PT test this morning and I am hoping it went well. It determines everything for OCS. I am sure he did well, but I am still so nervous. Several guys didn't get to class up yesterday and thankfully John did. I don't know what I would do if any of this got postponed. my guess it that my bags would be packed and I would be living in GA for a bit.

Saying goodbye this time wasn't as hard as when he left for Basic. I guess because I know we will be able to talk and I will be down there in just a few (I hope short) weeks. It still feels lonely without him though. Being in his arms was the best feeling.

Anyway, more to come along with pics!


K said...

So Glad you posted I have been waiting to hear about your visit with him. First visits after separations are always so wonderful. I was wondering if it would be alright with you that I give a shout out to my blog follwers about you. I noticed you only have a few followers and there is such a huge support system of Milspouses who can offer wonderful support and advice from personal experience. I happen to know a few amazing milspouses out here in the blogger world. I also understand if your one who just blogs for your own sanity and not in search of support or meeting anyone new. :)

Army Wife said...

YAY! Happy to hear you got lots of great time together :) I hope you enjoyed Columbus and the community around Ft. Benning.

I am incredibly proud of my husband every day. It's amazing being a military spouse.

Annie Pennington said...

I'm so glad you were able to spend some quality time with him. I thought of you all throughout the weekend! I'm proud of you BOTH!

Chelsea Pearl said...

Next month I will be going through the same thing. My husband is in boot camp right now up in Great Lakes, IL. Navy.
That's great you got to see him and spend the weekend playing catch up! I can't wait when that moment happens for me!
I'm new to your blog but I have been really enjoying it so far :)