Monday, June 21, 2010

I Need A Vacation from Vacation

So in the last month I have been to Columbus, OH, Charlotte, NC and I just got back from Baltimore, MD. I am EXHAUSTED! I need a mini break from all these trips. When I came home from Charlotte I didn't even bother to pack away my bag or anything because I left this past Friday for Baltimore. Hopefully I can get rest this week because I leave after work next Monday for Ft. Benning, GA! So glad it is only a week away.

Another busy week though. I need to try and write two papers, pack, haircut, mani/pedi, belated birthday dinner, work, get ahead at work for next week so I don't leave behind so much, more homework...shew.

So my birthday was OK. I guess it didn't help that I was in a car alone driving to Baltimore where no one knew it was my birthday. Otherwise I would have spent the day off doing something with my mom, I'm sure. I saw her Friday morning before I headed out and as soon as a co-worker said Happy Birthday I broke down. 26 isn't a big deal anyway.

And then he tells me I may not be able to go down for our anniversary because the last three weeks there they are out in the field and only come back on Sundays to shower and call home. Well, all this starts before our anniversary and even though its a holiday weekend I can't go down for two days. Hopefully, it will all work out and I can go.

On a positive note...

It sounds like because Sunday is a holiday I may get more time with John. Rumor has it the OCS guys may process in Thursday rather than Friday and get released until Monday morning at 8 am. Of course we won't know for sure until at least Thursday. But, that would be great to have Thursday and Sunday night with him. More time than I expected.

I did get an hour phone call yesterday. We talked more about the move and next week. We can't wait to see each other and honestly will take any time we can get with one another. I miss him so much. I miss his kiss, his touch, I miss his laugh and the way he laughs at my when I do something silly. I miss it all. He is hoping they can have their phones during personal time this week since they finished everything today. That would be great since I can't send letters anymore.


Army Wife said...

A WEEK!!!!!! That is so exciting!

I'm sure you're wondering why a complete stranger is this excited for you... but it's mostly because I totally get it.

And because if I wasn't excited for you, I'd be insanely jealous of you :)

So you might get Thursday through Sunday night with him? Or just Thursday AND sunday night with him?

K said...

There is a surprise for you on my blog :)

militarywife said...

It sounds like I might get Thursday night THROUGH Sunday night. Of course more to come on that when I get there.

Thank you for being so excited! I don't care if you are a stranger. :-D

Army Wife said...

YAY! 4 whole nights!!! What a slice of heaven :)

I'm not sure if you're familiar with Ft. Benning at all, but since I lived there for a year, I thought I'd give you a few recommendations for things to do around town, if you two ever leave the hotel that is ;). Not that you asked... but I seem to enjoy giving out totally unsolicited advice.

Ruth Ann's for breakfast, it's in downtown Columbus off Veteran's Pkwy. Really greasy spoon... but better than Wa-Ho (aka waffle house).

The Cannon - if you or your hubby like beer, this is a cute microbrewery on Broadway in downtown Columbus.

There is a really large shopping/restaurant area North of post. Take 185N to Exit 10. Go East on 80 and take the first exit (Veteran's Pkwy). There's a movie theatre out there too. Although the theatre on Ft. Benning is the nicest Post theatre and there is something entertaining about standing for the national anthem before a movie :)

Do not go to Phenix City. Totally sketchy and shady area and there really isn't much to see there.

That's about all the advice I have to dispense :) It's a cool city in general. It's not a bad way to spend a 4th of July.

Again, enjoy your time with your husband!!