Thursday, June 10, 2010

Letter Romance

I'm not going to lie. The last seven weeks have almost seemed like a romance you might watch in a romantic war movie. Girlfriends and wives at home waiting to hear from their love through a letter or a phone call. It brightens up your day when you get either one.

We live in modern day where conversations have been replaced with e-mails and text messages, but I get letters. Before the days of  "you've got mail" couples had to send letters to one another and had no other form of communication. I'm sure even then letters took a little longer to get anywhere.

By no means do letters replace the sounds of a voice or the touch of your love. When I read them though I pretend he is talking to me. I hear his voice in my head as I read the letter. In the last 6 1/2 years we have been together I have very few cards from John. He isn't one to express himself too much or write, but he writes me everyday right now. I am so thankful for each letter that comes. Even if it is a short one.

Letters can help you express yourself in ways you may never otherwise have. Its so much easier to write something down sometimes then it is to say it. When I get a letter I forget about my cell phone and my computer. When he goes off to OCS I think I am going to miss the letters. Not that I won't LOVE seeing him on Skype or talking to him on the phone, but I will miss coming home to see if I have something in the mail.

I was talking about a friend the other day and explaining how I get letters almost everyday and how that is the only form of communication we have. She thought it was romantic and I agree. Its a great feeling coming home to a letter filled with love from someone so far away. I know he thinks of me. I almost want to curse the mail on Sundays when it doesn't run and Tuesday when I never get a letter. But only a few more weeks.

Its just a sweet letter romance. :-D

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lmc said...

I LOVE recieving letters from my husband. Even though they take longer to get here, I think they are so romantic. I write him once a week and I think it will be great to be able to look back on the letters later on.

I also love that the last person to touch the actual letter is him :)