Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm a Military Wife...What Does That Mean?

I used to be just a wife. A wife who worked, came home, cooked and tried to take care of her husband. What would any other wife do? But now I am also a military wife and what does that mean?

Being a military wife seems like a whole other job. It is my duty to not only support my husband for his decision, but to also attend events and possibly host parties. Do I mind? Not really. But I have to admit I feel like Joan Cleaver with the military strips, if that makes any sense. To me I think it is to also means supporting other wives and husbands who are going through the same thing.

But I think most importantly being a military wife means supporting my husband while he fights for our country. It means giving him the strength to want to go out and do his job knowing it is going to mean something and make the difference. Honestly, it makes me want to become a better wife.

It is still early in the game, but I am curious to see where this title takes me.

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lmc said...

It's definitely a title that means a lot of things. For me, it means running my house and all my bills, plus taking care of his house and all the bills that come with it PLUS taking care of things that are ours.

I don't think people give us the credit we deserve :)