Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Letter numero dos

So I received another short letter yesterday, but no complaints. A letter is still a letter.

John is doing well. He had written it during laundry duty, so he isn't getting much time for anything. Has been gone for two weeks now, but it seems much longer. The sad part is there are still eight weeks until I'm on my way to GA. It seems like FOR-EV-ER (like the way the boy says it in the Sandlot)!

The good news is a girl I met through the Ft. Benning Facebook page won a contest today. Because she won she can choose to have a picture taken of any company, so she chose ours. She husband is in the same company as John and pictures will be posted Thursday. YAHOO!

I miss my love so much. It is getting easier, but when something exciting happens or when I'm down talking to him is what always made me feel better. At least I have a groups of ladies who know how I feel. I miss my best friend.

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